Dungeon VR

Project Description

Personal projects are useful to give me room to extend my development skills by learning and trying out new techniques. This desktop VR game is my version of an adventure RPG, currently less skills-based than a game like Skyrim and probably more arcade-like in its core combat game mechanics. Instead, my main focus is on player exploration and specifically on the interactions between the player and NPCs - using branching narrative scenarios, semi-autonomous AI entities using behavioural trees, and dialogue flow scripting. The game enables players to converse with game AIs using natural language processing (speech recognition and chatbot text-to-speech technologies) – a system I initially developed as a virtual patient prototype for the GSTT Medical School

Software used: Unity3D, Maya / Blender, Illustrator / Photoshop, Adobe Audition.

Project Details
  • Client: Personal project
  • Status: On-hold
  • Themes: Unity, game development
  • Team: Jerome Di Pietro