PK Calculator Tool

Project Description

Created for the Department of Pharmacology, this online resource enables students to interact with complex data within a browser or on a mobile device such as a tablet.

Traditionally, this activity would have been carried out by asking students to download an Excel spreadsheet, however this approach is not accessible to anyone without access to Microsoft's software. Protecting the algorithms driving the calculator was also important. Since the data sets are reused for assessments it was important not to give students the ability to download and share the underlying code.

I project managed the development of this tool, commissioning an external developer to write the core code which was I then further refined to meet the requirements of academic staff.

Software used: Adobe Dreamweaver

Project Details
  • Client: Department of Pharmacology.
  • Status: Completed July 2015
  • Themes: interactivity, web design, web development
  • Team: Jerome Di Pietro