Pirate Cove (Game for PC and Mac)

Project Description

Initially built during the 6 week duration of the Adobe Generation Professional Game Design 2017 course, I continued to work on what was essentially a game jam idea, slowly turning it into a fully fledged game.

After a lot of predominantly mobile VR development, it's been a pleasure to not have to worry so much about optimisation. I've felt like a kid in a sweet shop. Of course all those Post Effects and SpeedTrees take their toll and I'm currently having to dial things back in order for it to run without crashing the GPU. All good lessons learned and this is exactly what personal projects are for.

I'm also focusing on flexing my game design skills, finding ways to extend the gameplay beyond the simple arcade shooters I've done in the past. The core game loop started as a simple repetitive click to attack mechanic, but I soon found this unsatisfying. I'm currently introducing new weapons and combat moves to enable the player to feel that they're developing their skills as they progress. Experience points are also changing the way the game behaves, reinforcing a sense of progression.

Software used: Unity3D, Maya / Blender, Illustrator / Photoshop, Adobe Audition.

Project Details
  • Client: Personal project.
  • Status: Playable demo release 2019
  • Themes: Unity, game development
  • Team: Jerome Di Pietro