Web Design

Project Description

My expertise is often called on to redesign, or create from scratch, web-based materials into a format that is appealing, accessible and user-friendly.

Following a device agnostic, responsive design approach I try to ensure that all online materials and web pages can be used irrespective of device or operating system. Keeping up to date with changing standards and best practice recommendations in the fields of web design and development is an important part of what I do, as is user experience design and evaluation (UI/UX).

Careful design can make complex information more easy to digest and is particularly important when asking users to fill in web forms. Data capture requires a user-focused flow that facilitates rather than hinders the process.

Software used: Adobe Dreamweaver / Photoshop, Bootstrap.

Project Details
  • Client: Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine.
  • Status: Handed over March 2019
  • Themes: communication, dissemination
  • Team: Jerome Di Pietro