VR Multi-Player Tech Demo

Project Description

Along with others working in the field of VR, one of the things I'm currently exploring is the powerful potential of inhabiting shared social spaces. For education, the possibility of having a guide during a VR experience is certainly a compelling usecase.

This tech demo uses the Photon networking framework for Unity to enable users to meet in a communal space, talk via text chat or realtime voice and interact with objects. With inclusivity in mind, the app has been designed to allow users to either join fully immersed in VR, or using a normal flat screen on PC or mobile device. A choice of perspectives (1st person, 3rd person and topdown) and player or spectator modes make the experience a flexible testing ground.

Software used: Unity / Photon Networking SDK.

Project Details
  • Client: Personal project.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Themes: Unity, vr, game development
  • Team: Jerome Di Pietro