Peer Marking Activity

Project Description

Allowing students to grade each other's contributions can be an incredibly valuable stimulus to engagement.

This peer-marking matrix was initially developed for the marking of forum contributions on a distance learning course I designed a few years ago, where participation in the forums was mandatory and part of the assessment strategy.

To aid in student buy-in, some activities included peer marking, whereby students gave each other marks based on their appraisal of other people's contributions to the forums. The marking was strictly defined based on four key criteria: Frequency / Accuracy / Relevance / Innovation (each graded on a 1 to 5 Likert scale)

In this reworked example for the Pharmacology department, the task was a group presentation activity and the criteria has been changed accordingly.

Although this kind of marking activity could have been done using built-in Moodle functionality, here a simple LTI Tool has been used allowing me to design a more user friendly interface.

Software used: Adobe Dreamweaver / Moodle.

Project Details
  • Client: Department of Pharmacology.
  • Status: Completed Jan 2017
  • Themes: assessment, Moodle, LTI
  • Team: Jerome Di Pietro