YouTube Channel

Project Description

One of the best ways to learn is to teach. It highlights areas you might need to focus on and it helps consolidate the knowledge you already have.

I started posting YouTube clips of my workflow as a way of documenting my work methods. As a generalist, I'm often shifting from one discipline to another over the duration of a project. I might spend a few months on character creation and animation but then be focused on programming or optimisation for a long period after that. Keeping a record of my workflow helps me remember those tips and tricks, and gotchas, for when I get back to a specific task.

I've also found it difficult to find intermediate to advanced learning materials. There's a lot for new developers but information aimed at professional developers is harder to find. Unless you're working in a game studio where you can learn from more senior colleagues it can be difficult to access some of the more esoteric nuggets of wisom. As a solo developer, being part of the community is important to me and doing my bit by sharing what I know is a good way to get back similar help when I need it.

Software used: Unity / Character Creator / Blender / Photoshop

Project Details
  • Client: Personal project.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Themes: Unity, game dev, mobile development
  • Team: Jerome Di Pietro