MPharm Maths Calculations

Project Description

A monthly course assessment using a randomised matrix of quiz questions categorised by difficulty.

First and Second year Undergraduate Pharmacy students are required to demonstrate competency in pharmaceutical calculations by completing six monthly maths exercises. These quiz activities are hosted on Moodle and form a summative exercise with the final grade being given as the average of the best four out of six results.

Lea Ann Dailey and Cécile Dreiss (MPharm e-learning coordinator) contributed the question sets (originally authored in Blackboard). Both had used Blackboard as part of their teaching for a number of years, but were new to Moodle when this assessment was set‐up. We transferred the questions to Moodle, created the quiz activities and together devised the idea of the assessment matrix.

The task was to automate the delivery of increasingly complex monthly quiz activities, from an existing bank of questions (some MCQ, some fill-in-the-blanks question types). Using a combination of conditional release criteria and the generation of quizzes using randomised questions creates an assessment activity that goes way beyond traditional quizzes.

Software used: Adobe Dreamweaver, Wordpress.

Project Details
  • Client: Department of Pharmacy.
  • Status: Completed July 2013, ongoing
  • Themes: keats, assessment, quiz activities
  • Team: Jerome Di Pietro