My MRI Journey app

Project Description

This immersive video tour of a young patient's journey to the MRI department was created in collaboration with staff at St Thomas and King's College hospitals. An award winning app, it has since been rolled out to other NHS Trusts across differents parts of the UK.

Intended for children and their parent, the app is designed to work on a flat screen (mobile or tablet) as a well as a Virtual Reality headset, such as Google's Cardboard. The latter provides a fully immersive experience where instead of swiping to explore the 360° video footage, the user is able to look around the entire scene. In addition, a paper-based booklet can be scanned from the app, using AR triggers which then automatically opens the appropriate video (without needing to navigate through menus).

Awards, with Dr Jonathan Ashmore, Dr Cormac McGrath et al, for the My MRI Journey mobile VR application:

  • IPEM (Institute of Physics and Engineering Medicine) Roy Ellis Patient benefit award (2018)
  • NIHealthcare Most innovative use of an eHealth solution to improve patient care and safety (2018)
  • NHS England Chief Scientific Officer Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Award (2018)
  • Viapath award for Innovation in Healthcare Science (2018)
  • BIR/Bayer ‘Making it Better’ Highly Commended award (2017)

Software used: Unity / Vuforia.

Project Details
  • Client: Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine.
  • Status: Completed December 2016, on-going research
  • Themes: virtual reality, app development
  • Team: Jonathan Ashmore, Jerome Di Pietro