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Friday 01 October 10 [23:32:35]

October chill out


After the previous instalment's  five hour extravaganza (surely a record for the longest ever podcast?!) it's back to basics with this month's ultra smooth dub chill out.  

It's been a wonderful summer of fun and frolics but with the October nights drawing in it's time to get down to some serious conscious roots listening. 

Even if I say so myself, this one's nothing less than a pristine mix of pure bass pleasures.  Treat yourselves!




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Sunday 05 September 10 [21:10:16]

Back bigger, longer and better...


Although it's been quiet on the mixtapes front, I've been busy behind the scenes preparing for a live DJ set for Friendly Fire's Roots Yard at this year's Shambala music festival. Thanks Robin!

It's years since I've played out live but it's been well worth coming out of retirement - the result is a massive 5 hour live DJ mix for those of you with the stamina for that kind of thing. Kind of a 'best of' compiled from many of the tracks regular listeners will know and love from previous mixtapes. This one's guaranteed to put a smile of your face.



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Friday 18 June 10 [23:25:20]

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of dub...

bd0014_thumb.jpgA deep and melancholy affair compared to the last up-for-it netlabel release, but there's plenty here to keep the dubheads happy.

Two versions of the contemplative title track are backed by two huge productions with pristine sub tones designed to get those bass cones working. It's a warm, thick valley fog well worth getting enveloped in.

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Monday 03 May 10 [18:18:58]

Get out there and do it


Time to celebrate May Day with another very special instalment in the baroquedub mixtape series.


May Day's more than just the coming of spring, it's also an international celebration of political activism and solidarity. I'm certainly not affiliated to any one party or political doctrine but I'd like to mark the occasion with a request to all who live in the UK, or anyone with a vote to cast in the upcoming general election: get out there and vote! Vote green, vote Lib Dems, but whatever you do vote and vote with your conscience.


We seem to be at a crucial time in this country's history when the public mood is turning against the monolithic, antiquated two party system. Make your voice heard and cast your vote for a change in the electoral system, and for a fairer representation of the broad spectrum of public opinion rather than the self-serving interests of the old political elites. 


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Friday 05 March 10 [18:46:44]

Keeping productive


As promised, today sees the release of not one but two new singles on the baroquedub netlabel. 

First up is a duo of electro-dub workouts that spontaneously came out of the time I had to spend in hospital recently.

As Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck will attest, MRI scans make for some pretty inspiring retro-electro sound effects so prepare yourselves for plenty of synthetic riffs, and atonal bleepery.

The medically trained amongst you will notice that this MRI scan shows someone who's in need of emergency spinal surgery... Patient ID is indeed yours truly. Well at least the enforced time off work has enabled me to be more productive musically...


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go to bd0013 release

Next up is a selection of version excursions on a more familiar dub tip.

Featuring the vocal talents of Ruffneck, Sizzla and Big Youth (thanks to the many reggae acapellas that do the rounds on the net) this selection is a prime piece of heavyweight black plastic that follows in the soundsystem inspired footsteps of this month's mixtape. 



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Thursday 04 March 10 [19:08:26]

Pump up the vibes


It's time to wake up the neighbours with a brand new addition to the baroquedub mixtape series. Designed to put a spring in your step and certainly more upbeat than the last instalment, there's plenty here to keep even the most ardent dub-heads happy.


Enjoy, and stay tuned for some new netlabel releases coming out very soon...




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Tuesday 19 January 10 [22:20:04]

Stay in, stay warm


This'll make no sense to anyone in the southern hemisphere but the long cold winter is taking its toll on the those of us braving a particularly snowy January in the UK...

The first of this year's mixtapes is a chilled, slightly melancholy affair with little of the exuberance of other baroquedub compilations. Don't despair though, it's a sonic blanket of the highest TOG rating and it comes drenched in the deepest bass.  

Tuck yourselves in, stay warm and stay happy. It's not too much longer until the Spring...







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Thursday 26 November 09 [22:51:32]

A Mixtape Double


Who'd have thought it, I've been busy getting married and, logistics aside, enjoying life and letting things slowly get back to normal again... Big shout-out to Robin, Damon, Keir, Pablo Rider, Dougie and all at JamJah/Friendly Fire, as well as Nobby and Sister (Gayle) Henry and the Prescriptions, for making it a great party. And last but by no means least Fly and Annie (hearts of gold!), and all who came from far and wide to celebrate with us (and those who couldn't make it but were also there in spirit...)

Now down to business... just in time for the December party season, get your glad rags on for a bumper selection of all-new bass-driven gems. There's more than enough variety here to please all tastes so get stuck in and enjoy this thirty-third instalment in the baroquedub mixtape series.

[go to bdmx0033 release]


And just when you thought xmas had come early and you'd already had all your presents, it gives me very great pleasure to offer you something a little bit extra for your stockings....

open 'best of baroquedub mixtapes'Daquta (aka DJ Samu44) got in touch recently asking if I'd mind if he made a best-of mix of his own, using selections from the various tracks that have appeared on the baroquedub mixtapes. Got to say I was honoured that someone cared enough to be that much of a fan! It's something I'd thought about doing many times, but never actually got round to doing...

The result is a truly inspired journey of epic dub proportions. Some of the tracks you'll have heard here before, others are new to me (exactly what the best mixtapes are all about!) and all are pure quality.

On its own merits this selection comes highly recommended to all baroquedub listeners but it's even more amazing when you find out that Daquta is none other than an 11 year old DJ from Norway. Nuff respect!

[direct download] 92MB mp3

[go to Daquta's website for the tracklist ] And watch out for The Best of BaroqueDub Vol.2 which I'm told is coming out very soon...


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Thursday 17 September 09 [22:51:40]

A netlabel double


It's been way too long since the last time some baroquedub music saw the light of day... the monthly-ish mixtapes are all very well and good but it's always good to get some fresh new tunes out into the world. So I'm delighted to announce not one but two new releases on the netlabel.

First off the Dark Side Dubs digital 7" is a no-holds-barred piece of upfront experimental ragga infused with a sprinkling of dubstep. My thanks go out to Mr.Doll for providing a quite incredible vocal performance that's at once menacing and full of the conscious roots spirit.

Jah is my guide indeed!

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Next up is a very special release of baroquedub mixes and remixes of tracks originally by the funk phenomenon that is the P-Theory.

Featuring the vocal talents of Kevin Goins, brother to the sadly deceased Glen Goins of Parliament/Funkadelic and led by the p-funk genius of Alex Campbell and Graham Kay, this is one unstoppable machine steeped in the tradition of 70s funk/rock but with a deep commitment to passing on the message to the next generation.

go to bd0010 release

Welcome to a world of deep dubby southern funk in the style of Funkadelic's first album, together with dance remixes heavily influenced by Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy's DFA label.

My thanks go out to The P-Theory for letting me loose on their music - truly an honour to metaphorically walk amongst such giants of the funk.

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ps. My apologies to the early adopters who downloaded the original version of this month's mixtape... I've just realised that the file had unfortunately been encoded in mono - oops!

Download again for an updated version in full stereophonic glory.


Saturday 12 September 09 [17:09:03]

Travelling on...

mixtape_32_thumb.jpgGood to be back with another bumper selection after a v busy summer. This one's for Nuno who got in touch from Aveiro, Portugal requesting a bit of a re-run of mixtape 13's global journey.

I've shied away from the more obvious Afro-Cuban selections (even after my recent travels!) and gone down what Robert Frost called The Road Not Taken although it's often mistakenly remembered as the Road Less Travelled.

Expect a bit of a bumpy ride with plenty of surprises and cherish this releases as what used to be a regular monthly mixtape is becoming more and more difficult to fit in to a busy schedule. You never know when I'll get round to the next instalment...


Get in touch, say hi. and have fun. Until next time :)


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Saturday 18 July 09 [00:52:41]

Currently taking time out in Cuba

copyright Jan Sochor

Image source: the very wonderful Jan Sochor Photoblog


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Wednesday 24 June 09 [15:24:41]

It's that time of year again...


Been a while coming but well worth the wait. Sun's out, everyone's getting in the mood for the summer festivals and here's another smooth, downtempo selection of dub infused tracks perfect for lazing in the sun or chilling on the sofa.

Whatever's your thing.


My thanks, as always, to all who've taken the time to say thank you or hello. The feedback and encouragement is always much appreciated.


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Friday 01 May 09 [00:05:28]

Another birthday


The big 'three, oh' comes as a bit of a shock to a lot of people but this anniversary is a celebration of all that's best and timeless in the world of Jamaican bass culture.

There's plenty to learn from our elders and this month's mixtape goes out with a special dedication to the crew of the Jurassic Soundsystem whose You and Me On A Jamboree blog is a veritable treasure trove of Ska, Rocksteady, early Reggae, Calypso and rare Dub. Anyone seeking an education in roots culture owes it to themselves to check them out.

Muito obrigado Sono, Jurassico, Luis, Greg and Danilo.

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Wednesday 01 April 09 [13:17:27]

Not gone or forgotten


After a month off we return with a very special compilation which spans the usual 70s roots classics to head-nodding reggae-influenced party beats.

My thanks to those who took the time to get in touch with messages of support - it's always good to hear the mixtapes are being enjoyed.

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Sunday 08 February 09 [21:01:45]

February mixdown


Judging by your emails and comments, you all enjoyed the last 'back to basics' mixtape as much I did... so why change a winning formula?!

We're back with another hour long journey into the deepest, warmest  bass. Shoutout to Thesis who got in touch to let me know about his music and who makes it into this mix with a fresh take on samba dubstep. We like to keep things interesting :)

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Saturday 24 January 09 [14:36:19]

Circuit bending genius

Big shout out to the circuit bending genius of Mr Lee Stowers. I don't ever use this website for commerce but I wanted to make an exception for a great friend and a truly inspirational artist. For a limited time only his latest circuit bending creation is available for sale on eBay. As the man says:

"Inside dwells circuitry that is sure to melt your brain. The disentangled flurry of noises that fart from this thing makes me sure that this box contains some of the mysteries of the universe.

It is simple to operate. The main controls are the three red buttons. These open up the bends that trigger random sounds from the unit. Spin the 'Wheel of Fortune' and you may catch it cheekily smiling at it's own abstractions through the 'chance' sounds it produces. Pressing a button and holding will make the machine flick through various sounds. When the operator releases the button the machine will pause on what ever sound it landed on. This is where it gets interesting as the sound can start to loop and self generate, giving an assortment of electronic garble, odd beats and rhythms, even odder beats and rhythms, avant-garde bleeps and drones, primitive stomping bass sounds and radiophonic soundscapes. Punctuated by other sounds that don't loop, most often shorter, disintegrating, synth sounds.

Have a listen and see what you think"


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Friday 02 January 09 [00:31:23]

Back to basics


After a couple of leftfield dancefloor orientated excursions we're back to strictly rub-a-dub bass-heavy territory with a New Year deep sub special.

A true celebration of the dub massive, with a sprinkling of roots and plenty of good vibes. I hope you've all got yourselves a subwoofer and some new speakers for xmas because you're going to need them... :)

This one's especially dedicated to all of baroquedub's regular listeners - you know who you are - and with a special shout-out to Robin and Damon (& Christine!) and the mighty Jam Jah Sound, Ian, Nobby and the rest of Munchbreak's extended family (for your friendship and musical inspiration), Lee & Debbie (true artists), Messenger Douglas (this one's your year Dougie), Pecker and Juggla (who keep the good vibes going wherever they party), Jacci (for being such a good friend), and Nigel (still one of the best song writers in the biz... but I do want to hear that electronic album you've been threatening for a few years...), Gez, Steff & Tim and the rest of the Faceshaper family (how long until the new album?!), Alice, Nick and Alfie, Jonny and Geoff and the Eclectic Method (it's been too long guys), Databass Dave (talking of far too long...), and Paul B, and Tone (always an inspiration) and the rest of the friends I never seem to find enough time to be with.

All the best for 2009!

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Sunday 07 December 08 [16:46:50]

Party on dude


More dancefloor orientated party music for your delectation and enjoyment this festive season... I hope you enjoy this second instalment in my crate digging exploration through old favourites.

Regular listeners might be glad to hear that I'm currently working on a more reggae/dub flavoured mix for release early next year. There's only so much four to the floor disco music I can take. I'm already partied out and xmas hasn't even  happened yet!

Very best wishes to you all. :)

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Saturday 15 November 08 [03:00:48]

The comeback kid's amazing box of tricks...


The boxes are finally unpacked and I'm going through vinyl I haven't seen for ten years. A lot of this is stuff I've never seen released on CD or out and about on the blogosphere so count yourselves lucky to get your ears on these gems :)

It's been a long while coming but all good things come to those who wait - and guess what, the next instalment's already in the bag so stay tuned for part two of this very special comeback extravaganza which is due a couple of weeks before xmas. 

A very big shout out goes to Chris A, Rootsfinger, Pata, and all those who took the time to wish me well during my enforced sabbatical - this one's for you!

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Friday 15 August 08 [17:29:27]

Moving house...

My apologies to anyone who's anxiously waiting for the next instalment in the baroquedub
mixtape series...

I've very recently moved house and (apart from not having had broadband connected in my new home until last week) I'm just too busy unpacking boxes.

Stay tuned, normal service will be resumed very soon :)


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Tuesday 01 July 08 [20:25:28]

Happy birthday(s)!


If you're good at maths you'll realise that mixtape 24 marks a very special two year anniversary. Who'd have thought it when these monthly podcasts started off way back in 2006?

Regular listerners will be glad to hear that I've shied away from an obvious 'best of' compilation. Instead I'm serving up the usual collection of nothing but the best old and new reggae/dub-flavoured tracks I'm currently listening to.

My thanks, as always, to all those who've taken the time to get in touch either by email or by posting a comment. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think people were listening - so this one goes out to all those who made the effort :)

A huge debt of gratitute must also go to all of the artists who've featured on these compilations. I hope to promote their work. Support them by buying their music, going to their gigs and spreading the word.

But wait - it's not the only birthday celebration to be had... I'm delighted to pass on the news of the birth of Alice and Nick's little baby boy Alfie. Welcome to the family!

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Monday 09 June 08 [23:37:39]

Worth the wait...


Just back from Po and James' wedding reception near Carcassone in France - thanks guys for a wonderful party. Many congratulations and best wishes for your new life together!

This month's mixtape's a very special tribute to the members of a community of artists, producers and fans who love and understand reggae and dub in all of its many incarnations. I've never been a huge fan of social networking sites - I find it hard enough to keep in touch with my real-life friends to find time for virtual ones - but these guys are fast becoming a second family with their feedback, enthusiasm and support, not to mention the priceless inspiration of their music. There just aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with all of the quality releases on the site! Big up the ReggaeDubwise massive.

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Tuesday 03 June 08 [22:24:59]

A version excursions special

bd0009_cover_thumb.jpgAnyone anxiously awaiting this month's mixtape will have to wait a few more days as I put the finishing touches to what promises to be a classic collection of digidub greats.

For now, enjoy the latest release in the digital 7inch Version Excursions series with an extended instrumental disco mix of 'Ghetto People Song'. More riddim action in the form of 'Heathen Version' can be found on the flip side.

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Sunday 04 May 08 [13:36:42]

Every cloud...


May's here and between the rain showers you can almost feel the summer on the horizon. Silver linings indeed! Things are looking up :)

This month's mixtape is a ragbag assortment, happy-go-lucky collection of what's been doing the rounds on my mp3 player. Everything from your usual dose of digidub to a sprinkling of beats, disco-electro and downtempo moments. Enjoy. 

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Wednesday 16 April 08 [01:21:13]

Something old, something new...


It's just like waiting for a bus, you wait for ages then two come along at once...

Uploading these two new releases to I couldn't quite believe that it's been nearly a year since I last brought out some new music. Lots has been going on, that's for sure, and there have been plenty of personal upheavals but it's no excuse. During that time a handful of tracks just didn't quite make the grade and will eventually end up on the 'also rans' tracks section of the site.

Well here at last you can enjoy a brand new outing in the digital 7inch series of Version Excursions. 'Billy Jean' and 'Artibella' get the baroquedub treatment with clean, crisp production. Aficionados should check out the midi riddims section to remind themselves of the originals.

And just to set the record straight... a few of the heads over on the versionist forums have got it into their heads that I didn't actually make those midi files. Well I'm proud to say I did. Jah Papu kindly donated the ones marked 'new' and the rest were lovingly hand crafted and transcribed by ear from the excellent audio resources at the Jamaican Riddim Directory. So come on guys - respect where it's due! my thanks to Notwen for the kind words (I'm still proudly wearing my DIY Dub CLUB T-Shirts. Thanks mate) [go to bd0007 release]

bd0008_cover_thumb.jpgAnd now for something a little bit special... I was going to wait for a ten year anniversary (!) before remastering my first full length album but this month's hip-hop orientated mixtape got me thinking about it again and I just couldn't resist... The soundtrack to an imaginary film, this genre defying instrumental hip-hop, jungle, funk sample extravaganza is finally available in all of its 54 minutes uninterrupted glory. Recorded at a time when programs like Ableton Live simply weren't around and you really had to work hard with those samples... aaah back in the day :) Inspired by the early pioneers (coldcut, amongst many others) and here as a reminder to the young contenders. Enjoy!

[go to bd0008 release]


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Monday 14 April 08 [20:09:18]

And now for something a little different


If you regularly visit the site on the first of the month hoping for your monthly dose of music, my apologies for yet another mid-month release. I've somehow got myself a little out of sync... Sign up to the podcast and use an app like Juice to automatically keep up to date with all the latest audio releases as and when I get round to posting them. :)

As for this month's box of tricks, get yourselves ready for a bumper set of hip-hop classics and solid gold breaks. Regular listeners will know how much i enjoy my reggae but the last two mixtapes have been a little safe and predictable. Time to get out of your comfort zone and try something a little different. I know you'll like it.

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Tuesday 11 March 08 [13:34:51]

All good things come to those who wait


Late again but well worth the wait. Nothing but solid gold selections on this (mostly) straight down the line compilation of both old and new reggae and dub classics.

This one goes out with a very special shout-out to Chris A from Durban South Africa, for getting in touch asking when this month's mixtape was going to be ready. The poor guy was suffering withdrawal symptoms and I just couldn't let him down! So you've got him to thank for this release as it may not have happened without his encouragement. As mentioned in his email, "knowing you are appreciated by complete strangers does bring its own special kind of performance anxieties". If you know what I mean :)  

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Monday 04 February 08 [10:20:29]

Winter blues february mixtape


Back to baroquedub basics after last month's one off ska tape. Imbued with post xmas, early february winter blues this selection combines sub bass as deep and soft as a duvet with melancholy experimentation. Prepare yourselves for a very special collection of misshapen pearls.

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Wednesday 02 January 08 [13:24:11]

Start the year with a smile on your face


Bucking the trend of typical New Year's 'best of 2007' compilations, this january mixtape is a veritable bumper pack of pure and unadulterated ska. Lock into over one and a half hours of skanking good fun and kick start 2008 with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Best wishes to you all :)

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Thursday 06 December 07 [10:08:45]

Get those party frocs on


After the last instalment's dark infused beats this month's mixtape promises more than a little xmas cheer with party orientated good times and a classic roots reggae chill-out.

Enjoy this all night party mix as it effortlessly takes you from dancing at the disco to that late night melancholy walk home. Seasons greetings :)

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Tuesday 04 December 07 [13:25:08]

Back online

Back online after downtime caused by my web hosting company's security problems... please report any problems you have accessing any pages or demos on this website.

Database driven web applications such as the video-shell and demo Content Management Systems are most likely to be affected.

December's monthly dose of mixtape magic can be accessed by visiting Cover art, tracklist and details will be added to this website in a couple of days.


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Thursday 01 November 07 [10:06:27]

A November mixtape


Winter's arrived and the days are drawing in here in the UK. Life's not been particularly easy on a personal front, and looking at the politics of the world things don't seem to be much better there either... so you'll forgive me for dishing up a rather dark mix of dub infused beats and breaks. Don't despair though - imho it also happens to be one of the best mixtapes I've made in a while. Nothing like a bad mood to get the creative juices flowing.

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Tuesday 02 October 07 [21:37:06]

Your monthly dose


Nearly back on track with this timely release of October's collection of musical pleasures. I've been caning the random playlist on my mp3 player which might explain some of the erratic eclecticism on show. And life's been taking such unexpected twists and turns at my end that I make no apologies for the curve balls coming at you in this mix. I've done my best not to make it too bumpy a ride...

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Wednesday 22 August 07 [23:52:29]

Better late than never


Apologies for the delayed release of this month's mixtape... it's been a hectic, hyper-busy time at baroquedub mansions with the death of a much loved laptop, the start of a new job and the purchase of a new house. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

But, as usual, the kind words of thanks and encouragement from listeners around the world have reminded me why I do this and made me find time for another round of lovingly crafted music mixing.

My thanks to you all. Keep the emails coming and I'll keep bringing out the mixtapes.

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Sunday 01 July 07 [01:06:27]

Strange Journey


Recent mixtapes could be accused of having played it a little safe with slightly less than adventurous selections from the world of electronic reggae... This time around prepare yourselves for something a little bit different and get ready for a global journey of musical discovery.

But don't despair - there's more than enough of a reggae influence for all you regular deep bass addicts and it's all spiced with more than a few gems from the seven corners of the world.

Book yourself a ticket on the next flight out of here...

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Monday 11 June 07 [18:53:28]

New Version Excursions digital 7inch release

bd0006_cover_thumb.jpgAfter a couple of mini-EPs exploring the darker side of dubstep this release marks the return of the Version Excursions series with a very special trio of riddim reworks.

'Freedom Blues', 'Tempo' and 'Every Tongue Shall Tell' all get the baroquedub remix treatment with clean, straight-up production which should please all fans of digi-dub reggae.

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Saturday 02 June 07 [17:07:59]

Club meets Dub flashback


Almost without exception, the mixtape I receive the most feedback about is number 5, the techdub and dubstep edition - a release I originally felt uncomfortable about, worried that I'd alienate reggae purists and fans of more traditional rootsy sounds. I shouldn't have worried. Just as the old school has undoubtably influenced the new pretenders so have these new explorations in dub been fed back into the musical zeitgeist.

While techdub's now morphed into more abstract glitchscapes and new rave, dubstep is fast awaiting its crossover success with such unlikely champions as The Wire and Mary-Anne Hobbs. Yet no one quite knows what dubstep actually is, and the artists themselves are understandably keen to distance themselves from a catch all label. Under the circumstances I couldn't resist revisiting the clean, minimal soundscapes which made the original techdub+dubstep outing such a success.

Enjoy the flashback.

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Tuesday 08 May 07 [15:30:01]

Midi riddims update


As promised, ten brand new MIDI riddims have been added to the riddim archive thanks to Jahpapu, who kindly sent in some real classics for all you producers to re-use and abuse. 'Fade Away', 'Fisherman', ' Rougher Yet', 'Tempo' and many more, all present and correct for your enjoyment.

I've also dusted off some old recordings which I've added to the netlabel 'assorted tracks' section. Armed with nothing more than an AtariST, a Korg M1 and an E64 sampler, inspired by early Ninja Tunes and vintage Chemical Brothers... Those were the days! :)

[MIDI riddims]
[Netlabel tracks]


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Tuesday 01 May 07 [15:25:39]

Back in business


Eagerly awaited after a month off, chapter 11 in the baroquedub mixtape series is finally ready for your listening pleasure. With roots classics packed full of righteous words there's also plenty there to keep the 'future dub' heads happy.

Shout-outs this month go to everyone who's emailed to say hi or simply posted a comment. But a very special mention to Jahpapu Kongo who's kindly donated a whole bunch of reggae MIDI files for the riddim archive. Respect!

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Sunday 01 April 07 [21:34:09]

Here's one I made earlier

bd005_cover_thumb.jpgNo mixtape this month I'm afraid... still finding my feet after our return to the UK following 18 months in New Zealand. Good to see friends and family but it'll take a while not to feel like a stranger in my own home town... especially while still only on dial-up in temporary accommodation.

Thanks for all the messages and emails and an especially big shoutout to all at blackmagicplastic for the kind words and best wishes - if you don't already know their blog do yourselves a favour and check it.

Big thanks too to the Munchbreak crew (great to catch up with all your exploits at the weekend) and JamJah (in full effect as per usual) for two great parties in one night - felt like being home, shuffling to all that great roots reggae and chatting with old friends at Pecker's. You can travel around the world and you'll never find somewhere as special as The Unit. Thanks Juggla and co. Much respect.

Ok - don't despair, here's a very special netlabel release to make it up to all you regular listeners. Recorded during our last week in Wellington I 've delayed the release date for just this kind of occasion. It features an infectuous steppers riddim backed with yet another dubstep influenced anthem.

Normal service will be resumed asap.

[go to release]


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Friday 02 March 07 [02:29:41]

Now we are ten


Writing this on our last day in Wellington... three weeks from now and we'll be back in ol' blightie... uhmmm... can't wait... reading about more �terror� raids, cash for peerages, Monsanto dumping toxic waste, the licensing of music in pubs... Oh well, cheering ourselves up with the prospect of a second summer in the northern hemisphere.

Offline for about a month or so, so this may be the last mixtape for a while - cherish it! It's a good one :) Kind of a birthday special as we go into double figures - there's a little bit of everything in there; from dub influenced dance music to classic roots reggae, all mixed up with a dash of hip-hop and a sprinkling of funk. It's a baroquedub special!

[go to release]


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Friday 16 February 07 [01:52:33]

E-Learning Showcase


"You're only as good as your last job", as the saying goes - so I'm delighted to be able to showcase the work I've recently completed at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand on the NZ-OER project.

A culmination of the many design and e-learning strategies I have developed over the years, it's also a perfect example of my passion for creating engaging, immersive online environments.

[read full case study]

[view Moodle course page]
[view office environment]
[view video activity]


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Thursday 01 February 07 [00:22:31]

Monthly mixtape latest


As an antidote to the more urban directions of recent netlabel releases, not to mention the Kiwi bias of the last mixtape, number 09 is a back to basics collection of new international dub acts and reggae roots classics. In true baroquedub stylee a handful of beats'n'breaks cuts wrap up the proceedings by spicing up the mix with a few surprises.


[go to release]


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Tuesday 23 January 07 [00:14:23]

Dark Matter EP netlabel release


Well it's been a while coming but it's also been well worth the wait. Taking a break from the version excursions formula two brand new netlabel tracks finally make it off the dubplates and are ready for download.

Dark and moody, the Dark Matter EP's title track comes fully loaded with platinum breaks and majestic bass. The flip side's influenced by those old Basement Jaxx parties at the Telegraph in Brixton - expect a skanked up, cut-up urban party vibe. More dubstep influenced breaks currently in the works. Stay tuned.

[go to release]


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Wednesday 03 January 07 [06:53:24]

A tribute to Aotearoa


For those who don't yet know, and anyone who's interested, Georgia and I will soon be moving back to the UK after living out in New Zealand for about 18 months so the first of this year's mixtapes is a tribute to Aotearoa - the land of the long white cloud.

This one goes out with thanks to all the friends we've made (Kel and Suzanne especially) and all the people we've met. It's impossible to put into words the incredible wisdom and beauty we've found in New Zealand's people and landscape but this silver leaf music is a perfect reflection of their generosity of spirit and conscious roots. Big up the Kiwi Whanau.

"Mehema koe ka tuoho, meinga ki te maunga tetei."
[If you should bow to greatness, let it be to a lofty mountain.]

[go to release]


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Friday 01 December 06 [07:36:21]

Lucky Seven


Almost as spooky as James' dog, this lucky seventh mixtape is packed full of an unlucky thirteen tracks - all designed to take you deeper into the deep digital dub territory explored in the previous two instalments. You could almost call this a trilogy.

Expect a little more variety next month, and stay tuned for some new baroquedub releases over the next few weeks - some great new music coming your way very soon...

My thanks, as always, to all those who've taken the time to get in touch. Special shout-out to herr k for the compliments and the kind words - you're an inspiration to the scene.


[go to release]


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Wednesday 01 November 06 [06:20:56]

Another month, another mixtape...


Judging by the responses I've received about last month's mixtape I can safely say that nobody's being scared off by the more club-orientated sound. Thanks for all the comments and emails which have been coming in. Who'd have thought there would be baroquedub listeners in places as diverse as Istanbul and Rio...

Well you asked for it, this month's a real head nodding journey into skankin' beats and breaks. But don't worry, there's still more than enough of a roots influence to keep the reggae massive happy.



[go to release]


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Wednesday 04 October 06 [10:30:57]

Mixtape 5 [techdub + dubstep] Who's for going out clubbing?


This month's mixtape is full of clean engineered lines and minimal structures. Thankfully deep bass and deep space dub inflections remain to take the edge off this more club orientated sound.

From London's grime influenced dubstep with its loping rhythms and myriad of sub-genres to the awe-inspiring depths of german techdub production - I'm going back to my clubbing roots... walking home across Tower Bridge as the sun comes up...

Definitely not one for reggae purists.

[go to release]


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Monday 04 September 06 [08:09:12]

September's Global Vision Mixtape


After a month off for a bit of R&R, September's mixtape gets all political with an eclectic global fusion tinged with the usual reggae flavours of a baroquedub selection.

But 'political' doesn't have to mean 'no fun' and 'global fusion' doesn't have to deteriorate into 'world music' blandness. There's a whole tradition of global music with not just an edge but plenty of kudos too. From Fela Kuti's Nigerian funk to Woody Guthrie's pointed social commentaries (what? you thought 'the white man' was somehow devoid of ethniticity?)

I seem to have spent much of my adult life despairing at mankind's inability to put its differences aside, more interested in money and political power, using religious differences to stir up hatred in people, using faith and nationalism to divide, rule and conquer, forgetting that the most important gift of life is our common humanity and our ability for altruism.

I know that the current situation is nothing new, and has probably been going on since time immemorial but the escalating bitterness and distrust between East and West and the recent events in the Lebanon have brought issues to a head in my mind.

As the song says, "What the world needs now is a little love and understanding"...

[go to release]


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Monday 07 August 06 [11:35:26]

Time Out

skiing.jpgFor anyone anxiously waiting on this month's mixtape, or a new release in the digital 7inch version excursions singles... well you'll just have to wait as Georgia and I have only just got back from a well deserved break skiing and travelling around New Zealand's breath-taking South Island.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible :)


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Sunday 16 July 06 [07:20:15]

Digital 7inch series release 3

mixtape_003_thumb.jpg Is it just me or has the web gone sharity music-blog crazy recently?! Everyday a new treasure trove of out of print and undiscovered gems seems to spring up from the ether... replacing the completist fanaticism which used to compel me spend whole weekends trawling through second-hand record shops in search of that elusive white label. Now I'm addicted to the blogs... Even the daddy of all music aggregators, 'totally fuzzy' has named-checked this site's links page! Got to kick the habit ... :)

On the net label front, two more classic riddims get the treatment with the latest in the digital 7inch series of Version Excursions this time exploring Drum Song and Death in the Arena. Clean and digital, this one's more retro-electro than the roots niceness of previous releases - should please those currently reappraising the 80's musical heritage. Slinky analogue gurgles and crisp FM tones, machine-like rhythms and arpeggios... all of which somehow, Kraftwerk-like, manage to transcend their rigid step-sequenced roots... straight but funky, aloof in attitude yet somehow upfront and friendly. [go to release]


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Saturday 01 July 06 [13:57:47]

July Mixtape available for download


It's been a quiet month as far as website updates but lots has been happening behind the scenes... I'm chuffed to be starting a new job with the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand which should keep me out of trouble for the forseeable future :) Georgia broke her nose in an NZ X-treme sports accident and one of my best friends got married - congratulations Alice and Nick!

Of course there have also been the usual updates and additions to the links, live feeds and radio player sections. And new music's in the pipeline too, with the imminent release of a new version excursion digital single. Very digital sounding after volume two's nod to a retro 70's Jamaica sound. You'll just have to wait a little while longer...

In the meantime, July's mixtape is a storming set of deep bass vibrations which are guaranteed to get your sub-woofer pumping. Expertly timed to squeeze onto an audio CD it's also available, as usual, as a standard iPod friendly podcast.
[go to release]


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Thursday 08 June 06 [14:36:34]

Version Excursion 2 - Dub Special


After the extensive work done transcribing classic reggae riddims, the latest in the digital 7inch series of 'Version Excursions' is finally available for download.

Following on from the first single's strong roots reggae vocals featuring guest spots from Ranking Joe and Barry Brown, volume 2 explores the farther reaches of the dub landscape. Deep, dark and moody, these productions experiment in making digital computer music sound as old school and degraded as a discarded Jamaican 1/4inch master.

Due thanks go to The Interruptor for the many free VST plug-ins which he makes available on his website. Both 'Wow and Flutter' (check out those cymbal crashes!) and 'Analogic Delay' (complete with tape hiss for added authenticity) feature heavily on these recordings.
Classic stuff.

[go to release]


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Thursday 01 June 06 [00:46:41]

June Mixtape Special


Here's a real treat for this month's mixtape listeners.

In addition to some rare and obscure german psychedelia, this mix concentrates on classic beats and breaks from the vaults of some of the world's best sound and music libraries.

An education in musicianship and production these recordings have influenced a whole generation of producers from DJ Shadow to Luke Vibert (check out his Nuggets' series for more abstract sound library recordings).

[more info]

[subscribe to podcast]


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Sunday 21 May 06 [11:46:06]

Midi Reggae Riddims for download

a speaker

This one's been a real labour of love... in preparation for forthcoming new releases in the digital 7-inches series I've transcribed 38 of my favourite reggae riddims into midi files - all ready for you to load up into your favourite sequencers.

Get that bass pumping and those drums grooving along to some skanking chords with these invaluable music production resources.

Get in touch if you feel that your versions belong on the baroquedub netlabel. These are intended as a starting point for new and original music productions - be creative.

The collection also features an easy-to-use preview facility so if you're not a producer feel free to browse, listen and enjoy some prime examples of Jamaican music history.

The original samples were sourced from the excellent Jamaican Riddim Directory. Anoraks should head there for in-depth information on each riddim and its versions.


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Thursday 18 May 06 [10:22:46]

New Music on the Radio

A timely update to the radio station brings not only new tracks but a whole new section on songs and songwriters. Get those acoustic guitars out, sit in a park and have your very own mini-festival. :)


Last Updated 18-05-06 [10:25:09] by

Monday 15 May 06 [23:45:26]

New Music Blogs Category

Like trawling through the vinyl boxes in charity shops, you can easily lose hours and hours of your life exploring the weird, wild and wonderful world of mp3 blogs. Everything from hard to find jazz to soundsational music library records - not to mention great album art too. Check out the new Music Blogs category in the links section.


Last Updated 16-05-06 [05:36:02] by

Wednesday 10 May 06 [04:36:23]

New Web Feeds Section

about_feeds.gifIf like me you spend far too much time each morning checking those important daily feeds from blogs and newswires then this new section's for you. Browse by category and check some of my favourite web content from the world of media, music and plain crazy blogs. More categories coming soon.

What's all this about then? If the idea of a live web feed sounds dubious to you or if you're hungry for more info about RSS syndication then check out the about page. Feed your browser.


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Sunday 07 May 06 [15:01:20]

First Mixtape Available

mixtape_001_thumb.jpgHow retro can you get? I used to make these all the time - for myself, for my friends... subscribe to the all new mp3 podcast feed: and automatically receive these CD length audio mixes to your iPod or player of choice. Tracklists and more info is available in the mixes section.

In other news, baroquedub is now an official net label category at Use their servers to download all of the latest EPs and digital-7inches.


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Wednesday 03 May 06 [11:08:29]

New Audio Release

Version Excursions [bd0001] cover

The 'Version Excursions' single marks the start of a new series of digital-7 inches. Released with the generous support of and with inspiration provided by the vocalists of the Castle Conqueror Sound System. Enjoy.

As a way of giving back to the online music community, the samples section is finally underway with three new catergories of high quality, royalty free sounds including enviromental ambience and atmospheres, FX noises and synth loops and drones.

And if that's still not enough to keep you busy, then check out the ever growing links section. New categories include a tech-nostalgic selection of analogue wonders entitled synths.

Nearly a year old, my blog continues to act as a scrapbook for anything which doesn't quite belong on this site. The latest post which includes download links to the BBC's television series The Power of Nightmares comes highly recommended.


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Wednesday 26 April 06 [12:37:26]

New Artwork

After renewing my passion for all things musical, I've taken time out from cubase to brush up on my 3D and Photoshop skills. New illustrations can be found in the graphic design ideas section of my portfolio.

red helicopter graphic blue helicopter graphic

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Thursday 20 April 06 [03:32:17]

New audio release

It's certainly been a while in the making but I'm very proud to announce a brand new Baroque Dub release entitled The Burden of Dreams EP. Download all the files as a single high quality (192kbps mp3) package or audition individual tracks on the site radio.

The overhauled audio section also now features categorised tracks on demand - everything from choice reggae to glitch electronics. Loops, samples and DJ mixes are in the pipeline so stay tuned.


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Monday 10 April 06 [12:10:55]

Coming Soon

It's certainly been quiet on the web front - apologies but it's nice to get away from PHP and MySQL code once in a while... I've been busy writing music again. For the first time in a long while i'm actually finishing off new tunes rather than sitting on hours and hours of unfinished material. Stay tuned...


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Tuesday 28 March 06 [23:16:25]

Up and running

There'll always be more bits and pieces to add (isn't that the site of a good website?!) but I'm pleased to say that is finally up and running.

I still have to write up some info about the music on the radio but I'm currently enjoying adding some of my web favourites to the links section. Enjoy.


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Wednesday 22 March 06 [10:49:14]

Coming Together

Well the portfolio's come together nicely - a bit strange finally seeing all this work in the same place but also very rewarding. The graphic design section could certainly do with some fleshing out - plenty of bits and pieces I haven't had a chance to scan or get accesss to...

But the site has a good framework and should enable me to start displaying some of my more recent work. Sign up to the newsletter for regular updates.


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Wednesday 15 March 06 [06:52:36]

Getting There

After initial teething problems with the new host we're finally getting closer to going properly live. Still have to finish the write-up in the e-learning section, then there's graphic design to do...

Lots of music tracks uploaded to the radio but initial testing suggests that maybe 192k stereo is probably too intensive in terms of bandwidth. Check it. 


Last Updated 15-03-06 [10:25:46] by

Friday 10 March 06 [05:15:44]


This is a live version of a new portfolio site which is still very much under construction.

The portfolio showcase is slowly taking shape but you'll find nothing as yet in the profile section. Instead you'll probably come across a few dead links - sorry!

But there's lots to enjoy - try the archived fader5000 site for starters and come back over the next few weeks to see how things pan out.



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