Releases: digital-7inch series

Version Excursions 2 [bd002]

bd0002 cover art

The second in the Versions Excursions series of digital 7inches goes deep and dark with this pair of dubby roots outings.

Once again classic reggae riddims are explored to the far edges of electronica, first tripping out on a wash of Dubolitious delayed feedback then delving into Massive Attack territory with a moody invocation of the classic 'Cuss Cuss'.

download (192kbps mp3 package) [13.7 MB]


[Side A] Baroque Dub - Dubolitions

Solid and deadly, this psychedelic dub is an experiment in making digital computer music sound as old school and degraded as a discarded Jamaican 1/4inch master. My thanks to The Interruptor for his free VST plug-ins 'Wow and Flutter' (check out those cymbal crashes!) and 'Analogic Delay' (complete with tape hiss for added authenticity). Classic stuff.

[Side B] Baroque Dub - Cuss Cuss

Mezzanine meets Leftfield on the wrong side on the tracks and in a decidedly bad mood. The slow insistent riddim rides a wave of fear as it spins shards of distorted metal across a haunted landscape.