The Burden of Dreams EP [bd000]

A mini album release to inaugurate this new website. It's been a long time since It's a Lifestyle Thing. Times have changed and so has the music. The exuberence of youth has given way to a more assured production. Gone are the eclectic and relentless beat mash-ups, a new idea at every turn, and there's not even a sign of an illicit sample...

Stripped of the clutter, what's left is a purer essence of the baroquedub ethos - reggae tinged electronica with one foot in the chillout lounge and one foot on the dance floor. All the trademark melancholy moods remain, with instrumentals in search of a song and uplifting anthems designed to test your speakers.

Another soundtrack for our lives, certainly, but maybe more about harmonious living rather than the chaos and nihilism of previous releases.

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burden of dreams artwork

Baroque Dub - Wearing Nothing But Attitude

Baroque Dub - Lounger

Baroque Dub - Magister Ludi

Baroque Dub - Rhythm 3 (Sub Dub Mix)

Baroque Dub - Burden of Dreams