Samples and Loops

Enviromental Ambience and Atmospheres

Useful for intros and drops, or pass through a multitude of effects for dense pads and drones.

Tuesday 02 May 06 [12:19:10]


urban ambience artwork

Recorded in Paris and London on a Sony DAT machine, these recordings were made mostly at night. This partly minimized the excessive hum of the city and allows for single car sounds to drift eerily across the aural landscape.

Bus Hiss [78.10 KB]
Car Ambience 01 [1.08 MB]
Car Ambience 02 [692 KB]
Car Engine Loop [60.10 KB]
Clang Rhythm 03 [50.10 KB]
Clang Rhythm 04 [72.10 KB]
Clang Rhythm 05 [34.00 KB]
Clang Rhythm 06 [22.10 KB]
Dirty Rhythm [260 KB]
Dirty Rhythm (noise reduction fx) [124 KB]
Metro Sub Bass & Voices [1.12 MB]
Mic Noise [32.10 KB]


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