The Dark Matter EP [bd004]

bd0004 cover art

This special double-A side release marks another departure for the baroquedub netlabel. Influenced in equal measures by early Basement Jaxx electro-reggae cut-ups and more recent developments in dubstep, The Dark matter EP represents a further shift away from the old school roots of earlier releases. After the last mixtape's nod to the uplifting reggae of Aotearoa New Zealand, this is all about getting back to the music of London's urban ghettos. Enter the haze of a dark and uncertain digital future and embrace the rough and ready chaos of the capital. It might come across as austere and moody but it's hard not to get into the deep, hypnotic and apocalyptic groove.

download (192kbps mp3 package) [15.2 MB]


[Side AA] Baroque Dub - Dark Matter

[Side A] Baroque Dub - Party at my House