Samples and Loops

Synths and Drones

Long eerie ambiences and fat analogue pulses but you won't find any multi-samples here. You'll have to make your own.

Tuesday 02 May 06 [12:59:31]

Ghost in the Machine


Post-apocalyptic technostalgia with hints of the Aphex Twins' early Ambient works.

Arp Synth (high rhythm) [140 KB]
Blade Runner Ambience [1.59 MB]
Boing Loop [628 KB]
Dirt Pulse [234 KB]
Eary Atmosphere [552 KB]
Eary Atmosphere (Buss Loop) [72.10 KB]
G FX [654 KB]
Long Rez Disto Drone [602 KB]
Magnetic Fields 01 [328 KB]
Melancholy 03 [528 KB]
Phaze Pulse [222 KB]


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