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Baroquedub Archive

Looking for my mixtapes or the renowned Reggae midi files? The old site's still online in archive form. As well as older examples of my work, you'll find all of the BaroqueDub netlabel releases.


A fast-paced immersive first-person shooter for Virtual Reality - partly because they said it couldn't be done... So far the feedback has been amazing. Works best on GearVR.

Pirate Cove - Dev Blog

Built during the 6 week duration of the Adobe Generation Professional Game Design 2017 course, I've continued working on what was essentially a game jam idea, slowly turning it into a fully fledged game

Designing For Distance Learning

The content examples are getting a bit old now, but the guidance on designing for distance learning is still valid and distills a lot of my ideas on how to translate face-to-face teaching to an online mode of delivery.

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