Thursday 25 April 13 [22:35:25]

Spring has sprung


For those of us in the UK, Spring has finally decided to make an appearance... What better way to welcome the sunshine than with a hearty dose of reggae infused musical delights?

There's a lot here for the purists but also a dash of 90's nostalgia and a few things you might not have heard before. Should be a bit of a crowd pleaser. Enjoy.


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Thursday 20 December 12 [10:36:08]

Christmas Cracker


Not too many surprises for facebook friends who've probably heard a few of these selections posted on my timeline. This one's a proper Christmas cracker, nothing but choice cuts for the party season. Enjoy!

Wishing you all peace, happiness and all the very best for the new year.


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Sunday 28 October 12 [01:59:48]

Two years in the making...

bd0015_thumb.jpgBeen way too long since the last release on the baroquedub netlabel. Can't quite believe that the last digital 12" saw the light of day in 2010, but hey, as a wise man once said, all good things come to those who wait...

Fans and aficionados will be glad to know that it's strictly business as usual with this release. Nothing but the best reggae influenced big beat and electro anthems for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

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Monday 17 September 12 [14:08:55]

A Yearly Feast


What was once a regular monthly event has now lapsed into a yearly feast, but what a feast it is! Enjoy this rich psychedelic dub stew mixed with a hearty dose of roots and culture, a sprinkling of dubstep bass and a dash of funky reggae.

This one's dedicated to Jess who left a comment asking if BaroqueDub was dead, just as I was putting the finishing touches to this mix. Keep the faith - 'real' life is indeed taking up most of my time at the moment but I'm also currently working on a new digital 7" release which should see the light of day some time soon. Things may go quiet every now and then but I'm still here :)


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Saturday 25 June 11 [10:39:18]

Still here


Things may have gone a little quiet but with fatherhood taking over my life recently, I've got the best of excuses for not uploading as many mixtapes as I used to...  

But hey, summer's upon us and it's time to start thinking about festivals and deep dub reggae bass sounds drifting across fields of tents and massaging the soul in Robin's Roots Yard.

Download and enjoy this latest instalment in the increasingly intermittent baroquedub output.


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Tuesday 08 March 11 [20:02:06]

Here's to the gods of chance...


Another month, another random collection of tracks from the Russian roulette we call the playlist shuffle.

Not too shabby a selection either... Phew!


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Tuesday 01 February 11 [00:16:15]



Not much time for the normal full blown baroquedub mixtapes these days but for those of you getting withdrawal symptoms February sees the second instalment in a new experiment in randomness.

The 15-tracks project provides the more adventurous listeners amongst you with an unadulterated trawl through my record collection. Go on, you know you want to...


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Wednesday 01 December 10 [13:49:20]

An end of year special!


What better time to celebrate the 40th instalment in the baroquedub mixtape series then at the end of such an eventful year? That's right, that's 40 selections crammed full of reggae roots goodness, tech-dub titbits, world grooves and other eclectic beats and breaks.


My thanks as always to all those people from around the world who've taken the time to email or leave a comment - you make it all worthwhile :)


Have a great Christmas one and all.


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Monday 01 November 10 [19:57:52]

Here's one I prepared earlier


It's a good thing I prepared a few mixes before the arrival of Sebastian Di Pietro... the little baby boy is taking up all of my time at the moment! I never knew how much pleasure I could have from sleepless nights, changing nappies and watching a baby grow in his sleep.

Baby and proud father have been bouncing along to this mixtape's roots reggae goodness - join in the fun!




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Friday 01 October 10 [23:32:35]

October chill out


After the previous instalment's  five hour extravaganza (surely a record for the longest ever podcast?!) it's back to basics with this month's ultra smooth dub chill out.  

It's been a wonderful summer of fun and frolics but with the October nights drawing in it's time to get down to some serious conscious roots listening. 

Even if I say so myself, this one's nothing less than a pristine mix of pure bass pleasures.  Treat yourselves!




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