Web Feeds



A live web feed or, for the nerds, RSS syndication is a way of presenting headlines and summaries of stories from external websites literally 'as they come in'. Much like a syndicated newspaper or television channel, a variety of content can be pulled in from sources such as news websites (for the latest headlines) or netlabels (for lists of their latest releases).

Browsers such as firefox now include news readers, or aggregator tools but I wanted to provide a section on this site which allowed people to browse my favourite feeds. The internet's a huge library of content and in the age of information anxiety anything which simplifies the process of quickly getting to the good stuff has got to be a good thing.

I find these pages a real time saver in getting through my 'check daily' list of websites. I hope you'll find them useful too.

These feeds use a modified version of an open source script by NotePage, Inc. called rss2html. It is freely available for download at http://www.feedforall.com/free-php-script.htm

Disclaimer: Web feeds contain dynamically generated content from external websites. Baroque Dub is not responsible for the material displayed. Please report any items which you feel should be removed.