Mixtape 25

Saturday 15 November 08 [02:40:36]

[bdmx0025] Mr DJ's antique box of vinyl treasures (Vol.1)


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Back from the brink with a jump-up musical extravaganza ranging from krautrock workouts to beats, breaks and the usual heavy dose of dance-dub selections. Subtle by Design's 1st Movement in C minor is dedicated to the wonderfully generous and kind hearted Ed (it's his record after all!) and to the rest of the Circle of Children crew who used to let me DJ this kind of in-your-face ecclecticism at their scene setting semi-legal DIY club nights circa '95. Due respect! Other highlights include The Rootsman's take on club meets dub with a wonderfully bouncy steppers anthem. Watch out for the two slabs of heavy, heavy vinyl which close the set. The 'rocket' white label I bought literally hot off a backroom press from a record shop on Berwick street, London - I've no idea who it's by although the Herbie Hancock sample is hard to miss. If anyone knows anything more about this gem, please get in touch. The final track by the Deadly Avenger is off a 1998 vinyl EP for Illicit. It took Damon Baxter an eternity to come out with a proper Long player (the 2002 album Deep Red) by which time he'd managed to overproduce much of the life out of his trademark b-boy style. This is the real deal and it still sounds as fresh today as it did back then. Enjoy.


[01] Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - Ertrinken (00:00)
[02] Subtle By Design - 1st Movement in C minor (Orchestral Soundclash) Original Club Mix (04:26)
[03] Alias - West End Moon (11:32)
[04] 100th Monkey - Hoffman Dub (16:25)
[05] The Rootsman - Bind Us Together (22:45)
[06] Andreas Tilliander - She Don't Cry (29:35)
[07] Sanchez Dub - Dance Hall (34:50)
[08] Laroz - Justin (feat. Ruben Cambell) (39:54)
[09] Harmonic 313 - Word Problems (44:03)
[10] Zombie Zombie - What's Happening In The City (48:30)
[11] Blue Foot - Under Pressure (51:17)
[12] Lionrock - Packet of Peace (Chemical Brothers remix) (56:36)
[13] Unknown 12inch (Rocket label???) (63:01)
[14] Deadly Avenger - Charlie Don't Surf (68:48)

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