Reggae & Dub


Colourbox - Baby I Love You So

From the duo who brought you 'Pump Up The Volume' (as M/A/R/R/S) here's a reworking of the Augustus Pablo track, 'Baby I Love You So' which may have slipped under a lot of people's radar when it was released back in 1986. Unfortunately probably best known for The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (we like to keep it topical!) I don't think they ever managed to produce anything quite as good as this slice of dubbed-up electro reggae featuring Lorita Grahame on vocals. [Unfortunately no longer available on 12" you'll have to fork out for the decidedly patchy greatest hits (?!) compilation]

Deadbeat - Organ in the Attic Sings the Blues

Back to the new school with this one. After big-ing up Bernt Friedman's electro-dub excursions how could I forget to mention Scott Monteith? One of my favourite artists from one of my favourite labels (~Scape) he's also a software programmer who's worked developing music applications for the likes of Ableton. Check out his website for a download of his very own ensemble for reaktor and live.

Junior Byles - Fade Away

Back to roots basics after having caned the electronic side of dub reggae in previous posts. My thanks to Damon from Jam Jah for first playing me this tune - it always reminds me of you mate. Listen up.

Rhythm & Sound - No Partial

From the 2001 self-titled compilation album, this instrumental is designed to test even the most robust sub-woofer systems.

Rhythm & Sound with The Chosen Brothers - Mash Down Babylon

Such subtleties in this re-invention of the Mash Down Babylon rhythm. Awesome.

Rhythm & Sound with The Chosen Brothers - Making History

How stoned can a groove get?! Spacious enough to let those soothing harmonies shine through. Reggae re-invented for modern day rastas.

Rhythm & Sound with Shalom - We Been Troddin

More minimal techno reggae dub, this time with Shalom's soulful vocal stylings. A sound of biblical proportions.

Rhythm & Sound with Love Joy - Best Friend

Can't seem to get tired of this - probably one of my favourite tunes - ever! Great lyrics, great slow groove. Absolute perfection from the mysterious German duo.

Rhythm & Sound with Jennifer Lara - Queen in my Empire

From the Burial Mix With The Artists release. Never thought I'd prefer the vocal cuts to the dubs but those vocals perfectly compliment Mark Ernestus & Moritz Von Oswald's sublime production. 

Sabres of Paradise - Wilmot

Where do I begin? Andrew Weatherall's Sabresonic is where it all started for me - under the arches at London Bridge music just opened up into the wonderous delights of reggae-tinged techno played by a real live band. Years later I had the priviledge of meeting, and working with, Phil Mossman who'd played guitar in the Sabres, I even Djed at the very same venue but I can never go back to those heady days of 1994 just before Castlemorton accelerated the coming of the criminal justice bill and DIY parties were everywhere and dance music was going to revolutionise the world...

Burnt Friedman - Platin Tundra

Again from 'Con Ritmo', just in case you're not yet convinced...When I first heard the man I just had to get out and buy everything I could find on his Nonplace label. Hard to find in your local HMV but each and every album's a winner in my books.

Burnt Friedman - Los Corraleros

From the solo album 'Con Ritmo', another slice of dextrous rhythms and fine art sequencing.

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - The Big Black Other

From the album 'Just Landed' more quality electronic reggae from the Non Place maestro.

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Hard Drive Dub

It's so hard to categorise Burnt Friedman or Bernd Friedman... Electronics? Jazz? Dub? The man with many aliases and in so many bands (check out Flanger on Ninja Tune) somhow manages to be consistently brilliant and continually innovative. I just love that distinctive platic squelch sound he gets to his bass. Quality.  

The Congos - Fisherman

Ready for the Rhythm & Sound 'Fisherman' reworkings box set? Order your copy now...

Andreas Tilliander - Melod Ica

A live version recorded at Birmingham's sadly now defunct Default club night. Those warm electronics are sadly missed although Stef and John Xela continue to impress with Type Records' stellar output. 

Andreas Tilliander - Live at Default (track1)

From a legendary Default live set by the master of live dub electronics. Dating from the same time as the Dutty & Digital EP but not sure of the title.