Some are rejects, others simply experiments which I don't feel quite fit into anything else I've done. Thing is - it's sometimes the tracks I like the least which tend to have the most impact on people so...


Baroque Dub - Forever

Feeling surprisingly inspired on the old Korg M1 and goaded by some decidedly dodgy voice samples, this one's another unreleased beauty from baroquedub's prolific 90's period. A classic soul melody and hip-hop breaks come together to create a real ray of musical sunshine tinged with the trademark melancholy touches.

Baroque Dub - Blue Note

Sample editing fun inspired by Lee Morgan's The Sidewinder and Ninja Tune releases circa '96. Nigel first got me thinking about cutting into jazz breaks during the Free Peace Sweet recording sessions when I spent most of my time with nothing more than an Atari ST and an E64 sampler, creating numerous DAT tapes filled with short pieces to entertain and inspire the band. Good to see this one dusted off and let loose on the interweb...

Baroque Dub - Can't Quit You

Why's no one ever thought of a Breaks and Northern Soul crossover? The scene which kicked off the original ravers with speed fulled all nighters gets a respectful update on this track from '98.

Baroque Dub - Heart & Brain

A choice Lee Perry sample, some filtered and morphed voices recorded live from the 6 o'clock news... this short and sweet experiment may reek of millenium tension yet it's also full of the joy of making music for the sake of pure enjoyment. Cobbled together in 2000, after the end of my love affair with the music biz - as it should be: just for the love of it.  

Baroque Dub - Game On

In the days before Ableton Live, Sonic Foundry's Acid (now gobbled up by the Sony corporation) was a great way to quickly try out ideas, chucking a few samples together and seeing what came of it all. As the title suggests this one's chock full of old-school 8-bit game samples and anything else I could find in my (then) windows 95 PC's media folders... bit overlong but definitely fuelled and inspired by Ed and Tom Chemical's seminal late 90s gigs. 

Baroque Dub - Funkness

As Phil Mossman once taught me, "there's no sell-by date on quality"... dated sounds and overwought emotions just can't spoil this anthemic epic. Another orphaned classic from my 90's DAT archives... Watch out for the great extended outro - a truly inspired bit of creative resampling.

Baroque Dub - Disco Hipster

Another 'reject' from the Burden of Dreams EP. It just seems to drag for me. Made to try out the latest Ableton Live demo, I think it suffers a little for being mostly sample based. A little too much like my older recordings to fit in with the latest output.

Baroque Dub - Just Another Soundtrack

Never quite made the cut for inclusion on the Burden of Dreams EP. One of those things I guess, it just seemed to lack that extra something. A little too similar to 'Lounger' in terms of mood and orchestration.