VR FPS (GoogleVR/GearVR game)

Project Description

Another personal project used to push the envelope a little, and learn new skills... a fast, immersive first person shooter for VR. Includes a multi-player scoreboard for old school arcade-style competitive fun.

Developed for both GoogleVR and GearVR this project was an exercise in optimisation for VR platforms. Partly restricted by the limitations of GoogleVR, the game is most successful on GearVR where user feedback has been excellent and has encouraged me to release it on the Oculus Store.

“Your game is AMAZEBALLS! I have never been so excited about getting motion sickness before
Absolutely brilliant work mate. Everything about the game is epic.”

Software used: Unity.

Project Details
  • Client: Personal project.
  • Status: Completed Feb 2017
  • Themes: Unity, game dev, mobile development
  • Team: Jerome Di Pietro