I'm Jerome Di Pietro I do Web and Graphics App Development I make Games and VR Content Films Motion Graphics E-Learning Design Music Production

I'm a digital content creator.

designer / developer/creative

A talented multi-disciplinary designer/developer with a strong background in learning technologies and instructional design, I have proven experience in the creation and delivery of innovative multimedia materials and engaging blended and distance learning programmes.

Technical skills range across diverse technologies from web (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL) to multi-platform app development using Unity (AR/VR, 2D and 3D games), PhoneGap, Corona SDK, and AnimateCC/Flash/HTML5/Air.

A gifted digital content creator, I’m experienced in graphic design, audio and video production, 3D visualisation, motion graphics and have a passion for standards compliant, accessible design.

My current areas of focus include application development for Android and iOS, AR augmentation for situated learning, VR simulations and 360°video for immersive education. I am also programming chatbots to investigate the potential of AI to facilitate more natural user interactions.

what i Do.

Web Technologies

Both online and offline, whether browser-based or for mobile devices. Static and dynamic/database-driven applications.

Multi-plaform Development

Platform agnostic, responsive design, progressive enhancements. Mitigating barriers to access.

Multimedia Innovation

Originally trained as a sound engineer, I've never stopped exploring the potential of different media to communicate ideas.


From Instructional Design to courseware creation, I have a passion for engaging and effective technology-enhanced learning.

Examples of my work

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  • webdesign
  • development
  • e-learning
  • vr

References and a skills sheet are available on request.

Other Projects


My latest personal project, a fast-paced immersive first-person shooter for Virtual Reality - partly because they said it couldn't be done... So far the feedback has been amazing. Works best on GearVR.

Designing For Distance Learning

The content examples are getting a bit old now, but the guidance on designing for distance learning is still valid and distills a lot of my ideas on how to translate face-to-face teaching to an online mode of delivery.

Baroquedub Archive

Looking for my mixtapes or the renowned Reggae midi files? The old site's still online in archive form. As well as older examples of my work, you'll find all of the BaroqueDub netlabel releases.

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