Sidestepper - Aunque Me Duela La Vida

A production project by Richard Blair who's a great embassador for world lounge where traditional forms of music meet dance beats and reggae basslines. From the consistently excellent 3AM (In Beats We Trust)  album.

Loop Guru - The Third Chamber (part 4)

I used to start all my DJ sets at the DIY Circle of Children club nights with this one. It's very difficult to use samples of Indian music without getting slightly new age and wet about it (and to be fair Loop Guru didn't always manage to avoid the cheese) but this is just 22 minutes of pure aural bliss. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Julien Jacob - Kalicom

Can't seem to find anything about this guy on but what a great piece of simple and effective production. African music comes of age.

Calexico - Dub Latina

More US mexicana with an eye on the future. They have such control over their sound - creating haunting landscapes they also write great songs and are great performers to boot.

Aterciopelados - El Estuche

Latin beats with mariachi tinged hip-hop flavours. Works a charm and serves as a useful reminder that not all world music is folk music.