Wali & The Afro Caravan - Hail the King

Tribal afro-cuban jazz - a deeply spiritual hypnotic trance from 1970s africa.

Peter King - Ajo

Reminds me of strutting my stuff at Ronnie Scott's latino dancefloor above his famous jazz club in London. Slinky afrobeat goodness.

Dan Boadi & The African Internationals - Money Is the Root of Evil

A great hook of a riff and lyrics which are well worth waiting 4 minutes for. Listen and learn.

The Daktaris - Upside Down

Afrobeat seems to be like an addiction - once you tune into that groove there's just no going back.

Baba Ani & Egypt 80 - Se Re Re

More afro-jazz-funk from Fela's moonlighting musicians. Great horn section and brass solos.

Tony Allen with Africa 70 - Afro-Disco-Beat

Fela Kuti may have been described by some as a bit of a James Brown tyrant but he also encouraged his players to make money for themselves by recording their own music. He provided the studio and often guested, uncredited. A classic slice of afrofunk from the drummer who started it all.

Buari - Advice From My Father

That classic, hypnotic beat. The whole call and response thing and lyrics which the west had better take to heart while they continue to exploit africa's resources. African leaders take heed too - all you need is a truly united people rather than letting minority clans exploit other indiginous ethnic groups.  

Black Blood - A.I.E (A'mwana)

More disco than afrobeat but a great track all the same. Never fails to put a huge smile on my face.