Marko F�rstenberg - Esponja Remix

This time released on the Instabil net label this remix of lod's "esponja" pays due homage to Rhythm & Sound's techdub mastery.

Marko F�rstenberg - T-Shape

Again from the  Classics thinner release this one is straight up techdub, no messing. A reminder of what great club music can sound like when handbags, attitude and posers have been left at the door.

Marko F�rstenberg - Contract

Not for profit net labels are without doubt the future of music distribution even if they spell potential financial riun for the industry. But not all of them are as polished as the superlative Thinner/Autoplate and not all of the artists are as talented as Marko F�rstenberg. From the appropriately named Classics [thn078] release.