Beats & Breaks


Drum'n'Bass Radio

Another unidentified track by an unknown artist - recorded rough off the radio - love the sound of that FM compression/distortion! Inspired? Check out How to be an FM Radio Pirate An excellent resource on guerilla broadcasting for the masses.

Pirate Radio excerpt - DJ Rush

From my East London days, listening to pirate radio stations blasting out across the airwaves from one highrise to another. Mr Skinner would have been proud of me. Recorded at a time when old-school jungle was morphing into drum'n'bass and the jump-up, reggae influenced basslines and good vibes were slowly being replaced by moodiness and bad drugs.

I still don't know what track's being played so if you can identify it, contact me.

Store - Blip (Sankt-Otten-Mix)

A laid back groove worthy of the Sofa Surfers - dark, ominous and beautifully produced.