Mixtape 43

Thursday 20 December 12 [10:29:44]

Baroque Dub Mixtape Fourty Three [bdmx0043] Come Together, Brothers Sisters



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What better way to get this Christmas mixtape started than with a yule tide invocation for peace and brotherhood? Christmas is also a time for celebrations and Digitaldubs and YT get the party properly going with their hymn to sound system culture. Next up, Stand High Patrol presents the first of two vocal cuts from the immensely gifted Pupa Jim - one of those distinctive voices that heralds a pure, must-watch talent. Next a nod to Brazil with Marcelinho da Lua's jump up anthem - a good opportunity to send a shout out to Munchbreak who this year travelled out to Sao Paulo and have since been forging musical connections with bands and producers from this wonderful melting pot of a country (I wonder if Feva's been caning this one in his jungle set?). Another shout out goes out to the inspirational Version Big-Fi who for years have been releasing free music of the highest quality. Much respect. We're into old-school On-U territory with 2Badcard's Equal Rights and Justice, then onto the second offering from Pupajim - this time backed by a production from the ever excellent Disrupt. Can't get enough of that 8-bit goodness. Talking of talented producers, what a great reggae reworking of the Wendy Rene Stax classic. I particularly like the politics of Alborosie's flip side 'Tears'. Initially released in Dec 2010 and still all too relevant today, given the continuing financial crisis. From one great female vocal to another - Dawn Penn's No, No, No, that killer Saxon Sound dubplate that always reminds me of great times at the Notting Hill Carnival. More happy remeniscences with New Zealand's Pitch Black - purveyors of fine aotearoa dub - in full effect. We've been delighted to have a number of our good kiwi friends come and visit this year. How I still pine for the land of the long white cloud! Gregory Isaacs passed away a couple of years ago but his voice and presence is still a force to be reckoned with. Then more dancehall goodness with Red Dragon's Duck Dance - a bit of fun to get your booty moving. I'm conscious that recent mixtapes have stayed relatively safe in Dub/Reggae territory so here's an afrobeat inflected offering from the wonderful Blundetto - an eclectic French collective who effortlessly straddle a wide variety of musical genres from reggae to soul and beyond. I was gutted to have missed Solo Banton's album launch party earlier this year at Birmingham's one and only PST - a club that's defined much of reggae culture in the city in recent years. Much respect to Pecker, Juggla and of course the entire Jam Jah crew - Robin, Damon and co. Your conscious sounds are a true inspiration. Now that the party's in full swing, it's time to crack open another killer dubplate - this time from the Street Rockaz Family and Ilements' take on the Man of the Living riddim. Then we go truly global with Bole 2 Harlem, a brilliant musical collaboration that fuses elements of Ethiopian music with American hip hop. Finally it's time to wrap things up with a wonderfully smooth dub from the Groove Corporation who year on year continue to release nothing but quality productions.

As always, with thanks to the original artists for their music and inspiration. Support them by buying their music.


[01] Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - Run Come Really [edit] (00:00)
[02] Digitaldubs feat. YT - Sound System Culture - (03:09)
[03] Stand High Patrol - Brest Bay (06:28)
[04] Marcelinho Da Lua - Tranquilo (08:56)
[05] Version Big-Fi - Come Again (13:12)
[06] 2Badcard - Equal Rights and Justice (16:28)
[07] Pupajim - Double Lock (21:53)
[08] Jaba feat. Wendy Rene - After Laughter (Comes Tears) (25:18)
[09] Alborosie feat. Wendy Rene - Tears (After Laughter Comes Tears) - (28:38)
[10] Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (extended version) (32:11)
[11] Pitch Black - Urbanoia (34:54)
[12] Gregory Isaacs - Badness (40:39)
[13] Red Dragon - Duck Dance (43:44)
[14] Blundetto - Rocroy (with Akale Horns) (47:29)
[15] Solo Banton - No (50:42)
[16] Ilements - We All Can Make It (53:40)
[17] Bole 2 Harlem - Bole 2 Harlem (57:06)
[18] G-Corp Meets Bobby Blue - Better Dub (60:02)




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