Print Design

Commercial print designs and branding.

Nail Angel Design and Branding

Nail Angel promo artwork

Image consultation and graphic design. The marketing materials produced included this business card created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

X4L Newsletter

X4L newsletter

Produced as part of the dissemination strategy of this JISC funded X4L project, the Learning Bank's 'Digital Horizons' newsletter was designed to echo the look of the project's phase1 and phase2 websites, which I also designed and built.

In much the same way as corporate brands, academic institutions and research projects require a strong marketing identity in order to secure press coverage and further funding. Together with the project logo and the project's visual identity, I developed a number PowerPoint and Microsoft Word templates for use by project partners and stakeholders.

Images were shot on a digital camera and prepared in Adobe Photoshop. The layout was completed in Adobe Illustrator.

[download printable pdf 3.14MB]

X4L Poster


A complex exercise in the art infographics, this A1 size poster was produced for a national e-learning conference. It is designed to articulate this academic research project's aims and objectives, clearly outlining outputs, outcomes and the relationships between the various community stakeholders.

[view large scale image 581KB]

[download printable pdf 2.30MB]

Modern Organisation Corporate Branding

modern organisation designs

In addition to motion graphics produced for display at business conferences, these mock-ups of company cards were produced to explore this design company's corporate identity.

Fuzzmagic CD Packaging


Logo and CD cover art and packaging design. Photographs were shot on a digital camera and prepared in Adobe Photoshop. The final layout was completed in Adobe Illustrator.

[band info]

fuzzmagic logo

fuzzmagic CD back

fuzzmagic CD inside tray

Fader5000 Promotional Artwork

fader5000 logofader5000_1.gifFrom motion graphics for promotional videos to websites, gig posters and stickers, my work for Fader5000 focused on developing a strong brand identity for Nigel Clark's multimedia project.

This was especially important as having just split from the high profile group 'Dodgy' he had decided that the band should adopt an anarchic, 'no-leader', anonymity.

[more info]

fader5000 sticker

Party Flyer

party_flyer_thumb.jpgFlyers and handouts for promoters and friends. 

HuncaMunca Logo

huncamunca logoLogo design and motion graphics ident for a film music production company.

A promotional website and a library music CD-ROM were also produced and marketed.

Roll In Stoned Poster Artwork

roll in stoned posterAffectionately based on the poster for The Rolling Stones film Rock and Roll Circus (itself a 60s pastiche of victorian carnival promotional handouts) this artwork was produced for a birmingham based covers band.

Munchbreak Poster

munchbreak posterCreated using 3D Studio Max and Adobe Illustrator, this poster was designed to promote a club night.