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GoogleVR (Cardboard)

Play on most modern Android phones using a Cardboard headset.


You won't really know what it's like without trying it on a VR headset, but this may give you an idea...

Intense Action

Agressive Enemy AI

Simple Game Play

Kill or be killed

Different Game Modes

Lone wolf or team player

Immersive VR

Right in the heart of the action

Online Highscores

No login required

Arcade Action

Play until you die


Making games for fun, not profit.

  • Feb 2017

    VR FPS

    There aren't too many rules in this old school arcade shoot 'em up.

    Pick from one of three game play options: play for a team, go it alone or go all out for destruction.

  • July 2016

    VR Dub Selector 3

    Not exactly a game, but definitely fun to play - Infinite Wheel was a series of "Dub Selector" Flash movies released by the incredibly talented Mr Jim Johnstone, aka Prince Jimi, circa 2002-2004. Number 3 in the series was reworked for Google Cardboard (GoogleVR) by baroquedub. Big up the selecta!

  • JUNE 2016

    Stealth Command

    You've been dropped into enemy territory. Your mission is to neutralise all enemy targets and get out alive. 

    A classic third person shooter for your mobile phone.

  • 2016-2015

    Plenty of unreleased gems

    Let's just say there's been a bit of a learning curve. It's a little over a year since I started teaching myself Unity.

  • More

A One Man Army

I made this.


Lead Programmer and Designer

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