Jerome Di Pietro

Here's a quick timeline of my career, written up for a mentoring presentation to the Young Leaders programme

A Wanna-be Film-maker
A Wanna-be Film-maker


I was good at Maths and Technology but...
I was always more interested in the arts

I learned that creatives also need a 'business' head

Further Education
Further Education

Learning to learn

Studied Film & Literature

Academic theory vs. hands-on practice

Music Producer
Music Producer

First jobs

In a band - drumming on cardboard boxes

Sound engineer to producer
(started as an apprentice, worked my way up)


As an introvert, I learned the importance of getting out of my comfort zone and 'getting out there'

The 10,000 hour rule
The 10,000 hour rule
(Malcolm Gladwell)

But... all practice is not equal

Develop intentional focus
Know what you're working towards

Get feedback and work on your weaknesses

Branching out
Branching out

The computer as a creative tool

Motion graphics

CG (computer graphics)

3D modelling / animation

Taught myself Flash programming

Web Development
Web Development

Moving on

You won't have the same job all of your life

Learned new programming languages
- after the first, each one is easier

Working in elearning, I became interested in immersive simulations

VR Developer
VR Developer

Passion projects

Keep learning new things

I'm a game dev generalist

All of my previous experience has come together to allow me to do my ideal job
But you may choose to become an expert


Attention to detail

Determination / Stamina

Self-guided lifelong learning

Multi-Disciplinary Approach
Seeing things from different perspectives

Communicating technical issues
to non-technical people